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Speaker Coaching

Coaching will boost your confidence and help you find the message for your killer keynote

I offer a limited number of personal coaching sessions each year where I work on a one-to-one basis with individuals who need to take advantage of a significant speaking opportunity or overcome a significant challenge related to their performance and confidence as a speaker.

Coaching for Confidence

An example where you may benefit from my coaching for confidence programme is if you have a fear of public speaking but you are determined to deliver a speech at a wedding that will touch hearts and inspire minds.  I will work with you to help you craft the script, practice the delivery and demolish your fears.

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Click here to book a free, no obligation, 15 minute discover call. During this call I will ask you a few questions and then be able to explain which of my different coaching or training options will suite you best. You can also ask me any questions that you have.

Killer Keynotes

The Killer Keynotes programme is aimed at business owners and senior sales professionals who need to prepare for a significant presentation, often in a large auditorium using microphones for the first time. I will work with you as required including to help you craft the script, refine your key messages, practice the delivery and optionally provide access to a 500 seater auditorium with full audio-visual set-up for a coaching a practice session.

To check my availability and apply for a place on a speaker coaching programme, book a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss your objectives.



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