How to craft a killer networking pitch in 5 easy steps

How to write an easy and effective networking pitch in 5 easy steps


Have you ever been to a business networking meeting – do you know the kind I mean, where everyone has to summarise their business and life’s achievements in 60 seconds while the rest of the room judges you?

It’s not really like that – but that can be how it feels.  What should you say? How should you say it?

If the thought of going to another networking breakfast fills you with dread, then the Malmesbury Speakers Academy Networking Pitch Creator is going to help.

It’s really easy – just follows these simple steps: 

Get 5 post-it notes, label each one: WHAT, WHY, HOW, WHO and OFFER

Now write a sentence or two on each one and then shuffle the order around until you get a combination you love.

For example:

WHY– I like to start with why.  People often aren’t as interested in WHAT you do as WHY you do it

 I believe many of today’s allergies and conditions such as asthma are avoidable because they are caused by factors in our homes and offices

WHAT- do you do?

 so I run a carpet cleaning business that removes allergens and dirt so thoroughly that some of my clients say their asthma improved after I cleaned their house

HOW- are you unique or special

I am the only business in our area that has the special deep cleaning technology that makes our cleaning so effective - it’s imported from Japan

WHO- then move on to WHO are your customers/audience

I work for both businesses and private home owners and landlords

Then OFFER an opportunity to work together  

I offer a free assessment or home visit, would you like to arrange one?

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