Where does the term Black Friday come from?

Where does the term Black Friday come from?

Today is Thanksgiving day in the USA, and tomorrow is the infamous Black Friday

Even though it is a curiously American thing, the idea of Black Friday discounts has made it's way over to our side of the Atlantic and many UK businesses are offering Black Friday discounts.

Do you know where Black Friday gets its name?

Traditionally one of the busiest retail shopping weekends in the USA, for many retailers this was the point in the year when they finally started to make a profit, and their finances moved out of the red, into the black - hence the term Black Friday.

I was at a business meeting last night giving a talk on always being on the lookout for opportunities and being ready to seize them when they arise.  In order to be able to do this, however- you need to put in some preparation in advance.  When the opportunity comes, it is too late to prepare. 


You don’t know when the next opportunity to speak or present might come. It might be the chance to present your business to a prospective client - the opportunity to speak at a trade show and build your brand, or the chance to share your story and inspire others. When that opportunity comes, you better be ready. Ready to speak with Clarity, Confidence and Courage in order to clearly communicate your message and influence your audience to take action.

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