Craig Charles' Hat


My wife and I were travelling down the M5 recently – heading for a much anticipated long weekend with two of my best friends in Falmouth.  The radio was on, and it being the summer the normal DJ roster on Radio 2 had been shuffled and Craig Charles was sitting in for Simon Mayo.

During his talkie bits between the songs, Craig reminded the listeners of his starring role in the Red Dwarf TV series and his new career as a R&B DJ who can normally be found on Radio 2 late on a Saturday evening – perfect getting ready to go out and party music.  Today, however, Craig said he would be jumping in a helicopter at the end of the drive time show in order to fly down to Falmouth in order to DJ a party that night on the quayside.  That’s fun, I thought, perhaps we will bump into him…

Several hours and Cornish pasties later, I’m wandering along the Falmouth quayside, skirting the outside of the security fencing which keeps the ticket holders in and the onlookers out. It was however a loud disco so we could hear every thump and jive just as clearly from our side of the tent.  I stood for a moment watching all the party-goers through the fence as they danced away for the support acts and waited for the main event to arrive on his helicopter.

Just then a Range Rover glided up the quayside and slipped through the security gate right beside us.  I turned to my friends and said: hey – I wonder if that fancy car is for tonight’s star act?  Sure enough, just then the great man himself stepped out of the car and stood for a moment chatting with his entourage.  Clad in purple slacks and a stand out white panama hat, Craig Charles was just 2 meters away.  Meanwhile, just three meters away was a huge crowd of partygoers, bopping away oblivious that the great man and his hat is stood just behind them.  What an opportunity to grab a quick selfie with the man himself – but they missed out because they did not take advantage of the opportunity that was before them.

John Wooden famously said: when an opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.  So today is the time to prepare, to get good and learn to speak with clarity, confidence and courage.  Then when the opportunity presents itself, you will be able to confidently seize it. 

When opportunities come, it’s too late to prepare
— John Wooden

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Remember – speakers speak! So take every opportunity to practice and share your message.

Quote to note:  Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t – you are right! – Henry Ford

Whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t - you are right!
— Henry Ford

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