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What's your story?

Great marketers don’t tell you about their products, they share the brand story.  The world’s best journalists don’t simply report the facts, they find the human-interest story at the heart of the situation. And you – what’s your story? 

The stories that we tell are far more influential with our audience that any list of facts and figures. As the saying goes: facts tell, but stories sell.

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3 ways how to come up with a great personal story for your talk

Sharing personal stories is one of the key elements of speaking with courage.  When you speak with courage, then your audience will respond to your message. In order to be an effective speaker, you need to build rapport with the audience.  This means helping them to know, like and trust you. One of the most effective ways to do this is to share a personal story.  But how do you come up with a good story to share?

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