In-House and Private Courses


We provide bespoke and tailor-made in-house Presentation Skills, Public Speaking and Leadership courses run at your office or one of our training venues.

Confidence leaks!  When you provide public speaking and presentation skills training for your team, you will find that their confidence levels increase across their job role.  

 The skills and techniques learned on our courses will enable your team to

  • Clarify their communication across the business

  • Inspire innovation and improvements by giving your team their voice and the confidence to present their ideas

  • Marshall a compelling case when presenting their plans

  • Provide succinct and relevant reports

  • Improve team work and co-operation as they bond during their shared growing and learning while on the courses

  • Develop and practice their leadership skills and expand their influence

Our in-house courses can be customised to your precise needs or you can pick one of our standard courses:

Speak with Confidence - a 3 - 4 hour workshop which builds confidence and deals with the causes of stress and anxiety when speaking or presenting

Stand up and Speak - a one day interactive and practical course which introduces the key elements of effective public speaking and presenting and provides plenty of opportunity to practice

Speakers Master Class - a three day intensive course which deep dives into the three keys to powerfully persuasive presentations and public speaking. Your delegates will learn how to:

  • Speak with Clarity - speak and be understood

  • Speak with Confidence - deliver a presentation that people believe in

  • Speak with Courage - influence your audience to take action

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I liked the informal environment where I felt comfortable, material was original and not the same old ‘business speak’ - it felt very relevant to me. Excellent tuition. I honestly can’t think how I would improve it!
— Bonnie
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