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Speakers Masterclass - 3 Day event - Malmesbury


Every time you stand up and speak - you are selling something: a product, a service, an idea - or yourself. 

The Speakers Masterclass is a 3 day practical course which will teach you the three essential keys to powerfully persuasive presentations and how to deliver life changing and career defining speeches and keynote presentations.

Learning how to Speak with Clarity, Confidence and Courage will transform your life and your business.


You will learn how to speak with Clarity, Confidence and Courage and put what your learn into practice.

Day one - Speak with Clarity

On the first day we will introduce the three essential ingredients of effective speaking and presenting, then we will focus on how to speak with Clarity.

The first day includes:

  • The differences between Speaking and Presenting

  • Advanced script writing techniques - because great speaking starts with great writing

  • How to take your audience on a journey through your talk, so that they learn all they need to learn, feel all they need to feel so they are receptive when you present your call to action.

  • How to adapt and re-use the same core content to different audiences

Day two - Speak with Confidence

On the second day we focus on the practical aspects of stagecraft and learn how to:

  • Use a microphone

  • Avoid death by powerpoint

  • Take control of the stage and use it to great effect

  • Use a script, cue cards or teleprompt

  • Memorise your talk for flawless delivery

  • Talk to camera and create videos

  • Master body language to boost your gravitas and emphasise your message

  • Use props to illustrate your talk

  • Advanced confidence building technique to avoid stage fright and nerves - no matter how big the audience

Day three - Speak with Courage

On day three we focus on bringing the emotional dimension to your talk. This will enable you to quickly build rapport with your audience and how you can influence them to take action or sell from the stage.

The third day includes sessions which will show you how to:

  • Use personal stories to illustrate and entertain

  • Use humour - and when not to!

  • Deliver a persuasive call to action and sell from the stage

The final afternoon is the Speakers Showcase where each delegate will share the 20 minute keynote they have been developing during the course. The showcase will be filmed and you will be provided with a copy of your presentation.


The Speakers Masterclass will show you how to grow your business, promote your cause and motivate and inspire your audience. Over the three days you will create and deliver a 20 minute keynote presentation on a topic of your choice which you will then be ready to take on the road and share with the world.


This course is designed for anyone who wants to be able to speak with clarity, confidence and courage at a professional level. If you have to stand up and sell your products or service, promote your charity or motivate and inspire your audience - this course is for you.

This course is suitable for sales professionals and trainers, motivational speakers, and senior leaders and business owners and CEOs who have to present to their own staff and at conferences.

Speakers Masterclass builds on what is covered in our one day Stand up and Speak course and so we recommend you have either first attended Stand up and Speak or you have some speaking and presenting experience and you consider yourself to be an ‘advance beginner’ or intermediate level speaker.