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Online Speakers Masterclass - August

Online Speakers Masterclass - August 2019

Sessions held online Fridays in August from 4pm to 5:30pm

Whether you speak for pleasure, passion or profit - Speakers Online Master Class will guide, teach and coach you to be more entertaining, effective and influential every time you speak.

Whether you want to gain a promotion, promote your ideas, sell your products or boost your confidence in life - learning to present and speak in public is the single most effective thing you can do.

Based on our popular Speakers Masterclass courses run at our training centres in the UK, this new online video course combines our best teaching along with plenty of practical tips and exercises for you to try. Plus you have the opportunity for you to send videos for review by our tutors and join us for live meet-ups.

Designed for anyone who wants to improve the ability or confidence when speaking, from beginners to seasoned professionals - the Speakers Online Master Class will show you how to speak with Clarity, Confidence and Courage.

Clarity is the ability to clearly communicate your message so that your audience understands and receives it. Clarity comes from great content that is well delivered.

Confidence is you presence on the stage (or in front of the camera), your ability to overcome stage fright and nerves and ensure your body language matches your spoken words.

Courage is your ability to share your whole message, to sell or influence from the stage and deliver an effective call to action that produces the desired response in your audience.



Speak clearly - How to use your voice to communicate clearly including tone, projection, pace and diction

Content - How to write a script that will tell people what they need to hear in a way that makes them want to listen. Great speaking starts with great writing. You will learn how to plan, structure and write great scripts from 60 second networking pitches to 60 minute keynotes.


Beat stage-fright and nerves - learn how to overcome your strongholds of doubt and self limiting beliefs that undermine your message and ability to communicate

The importance of body language - how to ensure your words, posture and gestures match to emphasize your message

Stagecraft - how to use the stage like a true professional including: props, PowerPoint, position on the stage, pacing, practice and prompts

Speaking to camera and recording podcasts


You have something to say that people need to hear - so say it and change the world

How to deliver a powerful Call to action - is it clear what you want people to do after you finish speaking? Buy, volunteer, change behavior etc

Use of personal stories to bring your talk to life

Emotional courage at Eulogies and weddings and in unexpected places

There are lots of practical exercises through the course and you have the option to create a 5 minute video of your talk on a topic of your choice and receive personal feedback from out tutors.


This Online Master Class is suitable for anyone who has to speak as part of their business or vocation and needs to:

  • overcome fear of speaking in public or giving presentations

  • improve their stagecraft and presentation skills

  • learn how to script and deliver a compelling and engaging presentation


Courses start each month, with live teaching calls and tutor feedback plus a library of video lessons. You can complete the video lessons at your own pace, take as long as you like and you have access to all the course materials for life.

Live teaching sessions are held on the first four Fridays in August at 4pm and last about an hour.


The course is 4 live teaching sessions, delivered as a webinar, one per week over the course of a calendar month. A new course starts each month. Each session is recorded, so if you are unable to attend the live session, you can watch the recording at your convenience.

What is included

  • Masterclass participants guide for you to keep

  • Additional tools and downloads to help you write and structure your talks and presentations

  • Submit videos of you presenting for review and feedback from your tutor and classmates

  • Live coaching call each week to review latest lessons and answer any questions you have

  • Membership of the Speakers Masterclass private Facebook group where you can share progress and your speaking events with other members of our speakers tribe