How not to be boring

How to engage and entertain your audience and enjoy your next presentation


Have you ever had that realisation, as you were half way through your PowerPoint deck, that not only is your audience bored with your presentation – but you are too!
The truth is: great speaking starts with great writing.
When you know that you have a clear message that is well explained and interesting to listen to, you will feel a lot more confident before you step up to start your presentation.
My students are often surprised at the amount of time they spend writing and planning on my speaking courses.  But you can’t speak it until you have written it.  Even the best orator and presenter will struggle if the words they have to say are not interesting and well organised.
You are more confident and relaxed when you know that what you have to say is interesting and valuable to your audience.
Here are my top tips to create a script that is engaging and entertaining:

  • Write your script first, then decide if you need any slides, handouts or props to help.

  • Start your script with a strong opening that captures the audience’s attention

  • Tell stories rather than listing facts and figures. Stories provide context and understanding for the facts and engage the emotional centre of the brain which is the decision maker. Facts tell, but stories sell.

  • Write in a style that matches how you normally speak in conversation. Don’t adopt ‘business speak’ but instead aim to sound like yourself. When you script sounds like you, it is much easier for you to speak it out and it sounds more authentic to your audience.